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SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016

FreeOffice: the powerful, fast, compatible and free office suite

FreeOffice: the powerful, fast, compatible and free office suite

FreeOffice: Fast, powerful, compatible. And it's free, too! Whether you use your computer at home or for business, you need an office package that you can trust. FreeOffice, the friendly office suite 'made in Germany', lets you edit Microsoft Office documents seamlessly. Beginners and professionals create professional documents with it effortlessly.

FreeOffice, the friendly and powerful free office suite 'made in Germany', contains everything a good office suite needs:

* FreeOffice TextMaker, the feature-rich and powerful word processor that reads and writes Microsoft Word files faithfully

* FreeOffice PlanMaker, the Excel-compatible spreadsheet that lets you create even the most complex worksheets

* FreeOffice Presentations, the presentation graphics software that handles PowerPoint files seamlessly and provides fantastic effects

FreeOffice launches as fast as lightning and finishes all tasks in the blink of an eye - from everyday letters to sophisticated calculations to beautiful presentations. FreeOffice offers a huge range of functions and is remarkably easy to use. Each application provides PDF export directly from within the program. You can copy FreeOffice to your USB flash drive, take it with you wherever you go, and use it without installation on other computers.

No other free office suite offers such uncompromising compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. No other free office suite runs at such a blazing speed. No other free office suite lets you create impressive documents with such little effort. Get FreeOffice today!

SoftMaker FreeOffice


SoftMaker FreeOffice 2016

User reviews about SoftMaker FreeOffice

  • amritendu

    by amritendu

    "The most good looking office software"

    The best one in the market! The interface is very convenient to use. Compatibility to microsoft word document is real...   More.

  • Boatie

    by Boatie

    "I love it!"

    I use both Textmaker and Planmaker. Both programs do everything I want them to do and work almost identically to Mic...   More.